Over 1 milllion euros investments at Moviplast

The company’s exports have increased by 31%, reaching a value of 1.7 million euros. MOVIPLAST SRL is a company whose field of activity is the production of flexible packaging. The company produces sheets for agriculture or for industrial applications, monolayer or multilayer film or foil, antistatic, anticorrosive film, warning foil, thermocontractable film; straight or round bottom bags, with flap and adhesive or without, in rolls or individual, side welding bags or bottom welding bags, intended for freezing; T-shirt bags or soft loop handle bags; courier bags; trash bags, thick bags, thin bags, with or without folds, individually cut or in roll.

In 2018, COFACE Romania granted SC Moviplast SRL the EXCELLENT SME ROMANIA certificate, a certificate of business performance for small or medium sized enterprises, based on Safe Signed technology. In addition, lately, the company has concentrated his efforts on developing a strategy for increasing the volume of export production, efforts which have been fully awarded. The exports from 2017 have increased by 18% compared to 2016, and in 2018, compared to 2017, the growth was 31%, reaching a value of 1.7 million euros.

In 2018, exports increased by 31% compared to the previous year, reaching 1.7 million euros

This was made possible both by increasing the volume of export to traditional partners and also by attracting new business partners, able to recognize the value offered by Moviplast’s products and services. Of the newest partners we can mention Switzerland, the country for which the frequency of exports made by Moviplast has reached two deliveries per month, but also England, a country which makes a subject to changes during this period, with possible impact on all branches of economy.

21 % of the sales volume is represented by exports

However, Moviplast SRL maintains its partners from Germany, Sweden, France, Belgium, the Republic of Moldavia, with which it expects to exceed in 2019 the share of 2018, year in which the export has represented 21% of the total sales volume.

In the total production of export, a significant share has the packaging for the automotive industry, whose demand has been constant. Moviplast continues to export thin bags to the EU, products which are banned in Romania, and puts a lot of effort to go in the market for biodegradable products.

Moviplast has introduced four new categories of products on the market, namely: VCI films, compostable and biodegradable packaging, bags for the transport of hazardous waste (bags for which an ADR approval was obtained), as well as multilayer films.

The entire activity of production has been relocated to a new headquarters, where SC Moviplast SRL is currently operating, having from 2017 all the necessary approvals, including the PSI, the most difficult to obtain given the activity profile (high degree of fire danger).

„The evolution of SC Moviplast SRL after 2016 was upwards. We can not present particularly spectacular figures, given the fact that there is a market of packages with significant import, keeping an upward trend is extremely important”, has declared to us mr. Virgil Fira, general manager of SC Moviplast SRL.

Relating to 2016, in 2017 the company had a higher production with 11%, in 2018 the growth compared to 2016 was 21.3 %, and compared to 2017 was 9.3 %.

25 years of activity, an occasion for celebration

The 25 years of activity meant for Moviplast a moment of great significance but also of nostalgia.

„We have people in the factory who have worked without any cease for 25 years. There are people who have started to learn about this profession 25 years ago and continued to learn since then”, has the general manger declared.

For the future, the company intends to keep up with the upward rate of activity, maintaning the customers by ensuring the quality of the products placed on the market, maintaning the existing staff, as well as increasing the production for the export as a safe way of development.

The latest investments within the company

The investment effort made by SC Moviplast SRL in recent years has been asignificant one. Over 1 million euros have been invested in new production spaces, spaces that have been modified and modernized to keep up with all the techinical and social standards.

The investments concerned not only spaces for production , but also new machines. Three new extruders have been purchased, one for the multilayer film and two for biodegradable film, as well as three other foil preocessing machines.

The company has invested over 1 million euros in new spaces for production and machines

Two other machines are expected to come from Taiwan, mainly intended to increase the production capacity of producing biodegradable packaging. The financial effort has been a considerable one, but it should be emphasized the fact that part of these investments have been made through a programme with partially non refundable European funding.

The most important challenges for SC Moviplast SRL

Since July 1st the manufacture of polyethylene bags with a thickness of less than 50 microns has been banned. This change has led to asignificant percentage of the comapny’s production being affected by this law, as the demand for bags has decreased widely.

„The bags had to be made to thicknesses several times larger, as they were still carrying ecotax. The final price followed the same path, which caused the demand to decrease considerably”, has related mr. Fira.

The most important problems that the company is currently facing are represented by the lack of staff, the legislative changes by which it has been banned the manufacture of polyethylene bags with a thickness of less than 50 microns, increasing the ecotax from 0.1 to 0.15 lei/bag, as well as charging 0.15 lei / bag of all transport bags beginning with July 2nd 2019.

Of all, the staff problem is perhaps the most difficult to solve for the management of the company at the moment. „We have employees with over 20 years of experience in the comapny, but we also have less older employess. It is extremely difficult to find young people who want to work. All present employees of SC Moviplast SRL, oscilating around 120 people, were qualified at the workplace”, the general manager explains. In addition to salaries, the company offers meal vouchers, health insurance, life insurance, transportation at the start of the third shift for workers and the coming out of the second shift for workers, commuting tickets for the local transportation and bonuses for holidays.

TUV Austria certification

Permanently concerned about improving the quality of the products offered to the market and the diversification of these products, in 2018, SC Moviplast SRL managed to obtain the certification needed for manufacturing the bags for the transport of hazardous waste. In addition, it was obtained the certification from TUV Austria, as well as the right to introduce on the market compostable and biodegradable packaging (especially bags), in accordance with the European standard EN 13432, the only one which regulates biodegradability.

Both certifications are extremely important both for the fact that they allow to place on the market two new categories of products, and also for the fact that they fall in the category of actions undertaken by the company in the environmental protection line.

Environment protection

The care for keeping the environment as clean as possible has always been a priority for the mangement of SC Moviplast SRL.Thus, the company got the necessary certifications to manufacture the bags for the transport of hazardous waste, as well as the certification necessary for the manufacture of biodegradable packaging. In order to manufacture printed biodegradable packaging there were replaced with non-polluting water based ink.

In order to burn the emissions of volatile organic compounds, resulted from the printing activity, the company will startup an incinerator of 5-25.000 cubic meters / hour.
As finished products, the company offers bags for the selective collection of waste, bags that are unfortunately very little requested, although the law forces the public institutions to proceed with the selective collection.

In 2018, SC Moviplast SRL sponsored Let’s Do It Romania action by delivering trash bags, manufacturing in the same time the entire quantity of bags necessary to carry out the action in Romania.

The increase of the turnover, a natural result

Moviplast, a member of the board of directors of the Oltenia Chamber of Commerce, is one of the top players for this field of activity, being awarded the trophy of excellence in 2017 for being in the top companies from Dolj county for 19 consecutive years. Also, in 2018 the company was granted the EXCELLENT SME ROMANIA certificate by COFACE Romania.
This thing can be seen in the turnover too, the company had an increase of 9.3% in 2019: “ We are all aiming to keep the same trend, whatever this result will be gained by increasing the internal production or the export” , added as a conclusion mr. Fira, the general manger of Moviplast.

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