Established in 1993, Moviplast has quickly reached the top of polyethylene packaging producers from Romania. The rise of the company was determined by the constant concern for the renewal of manufacturing technologies and the realization of high quality products.

In many ways, the 1990s were favourable for those who wanted to start a business. The market was lacking many products, there was no competition and it was a good time for investments. Despite the fiscal facilities, bureaucracy and lack of technology were among the main issues faced by the business people at that time.

Including rental spaces were very difficult to find, there were still companies that produced and had employees, and the managers were hesitating to sign contracts with private companies.

Today technology has advanced, legislation now only allows the using of new machinery when you start up a factory and the bureaucracy has undergone only very few improvements.

That time we were looking to enter the market place with disposable products. The idea came very simple, identifying the need. You put something into a bag or a sack and you need another one. We have decided to produce foils, bags, thick and thin sacks, garbage bags, ice cube bags from polyethylene.
It was not easy in marketing – advertising. That technology from the past, was not as advanced as it is today. There were no computers and you had to find a designer, to make a posting with text and image. With the papers in your hand, stamped, with photos, with the bill, you were going to the bank, paying, coming back with the payment order and in a few days you could see your advert in the newspaper. It was a much longer process, but since then we were aware of the need for advertising.

Even the relationship with the media has evolved at the same time as the technology, the information possibilities were very few as compared to the present.
Adapting to the present needs and the constant investment were essential to Moviplast to be different from its competitors. When almost nobody have heard of ISO, in 1997, Moviplast obtained the ISO 9001:2001 certification. We continued on the same model which made us to be successful and now we have eight times more employees than we had at the beginning, and we produce 15 times more than in the first year.

Moviplast processes over 2,200 tons of polyethylene annually, of which currently almost 40% is the production destined for export in the European Union.

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